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This independent informative website designed to attract your attention to existing problems in your country, to inform you about the situation in the country, about all the positive and negative trends in economics and politics, to give an objective assessment current events in the country and the world at large.

If you are an expert and a man well versed in what's happening in your industry A person with an active lifestyle, which can not remain indifferent to their future and the future of the country, we urge you to join and become an active member Open Business Club, and to global efforts to improve on his life and the whole country.

Open Business Club protects the interests of all ethnic groups officially living in the country regardless of nationality, religion or gender. We do not express the interests of individual political groups or parties, we are defending only the interests of the State and compliance State as a whole, to.est. compliance with all laws and EU legislation, prevention decisions and laws infringe one or another ethnic group. Contribute to the development of the principle: "Equal rights and opportunities, as well as deal with the decision of a large spectrum of problems in the area Economics and Policy, at the level: from small companies to the level of governance.

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A key Sept. 11 legacy: more domestic surveillance

Tuesday, 30 August, 2011 22:26

  “It used to be the case that if the government wanted to find out what you read and what you wrote, it would have to get a warrant and search your home,” said Daniel J. Solove, a law professor at George  Washington University and the author of numerous books and articles on privacy law. […]

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A ‘multi-sensory’ club night designed to be accessible to deaf people is coming to London.   The high-tech disco night, Sencity, uses a variety of features to help those unable to hear appreciate the music played.   It features a vibrating dance floor which responds to the music’s bass frequency, video jockeys, and ‘aroma jockeys’ […]

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Icy conditions wreaking havoc on LI roads

Wednesday, 2 February, 2011 14:40

Freezing rain that iced Long Island roads led to multiple crashes Tuesday and forecasters warned that even more treacherous conditions could face commuters this morning. Between a half and three-quarters of an inch of solid ice accumulation could hit areas of Suffolk and Nassau counties, according to the National Weather Service, which issued an ice […]

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